Meet Tonya Harvey

What I do…

Empower organizations and individuals to sell more of their products and services through consulting, training, and mentoring.

I enable people to:

  • Sell with integrity
  • Support their customers better
  • Improve job performance
  • Bring more awareness to their actions
  • Increase confidence to sell

I accomplish this when I train corporate employees, mentor business leadership, partner with communities, support entrepreneurs, and develop performance improvement programs.

My commitment (and my team’s) is to collaborate with organizations and entrepreneurs ready to change the way sales happen in business. We are dedicated to forming these partnerships to:

  • Restore legitimacy to sales
  • Repair infrastructure deficiencies that undermine success in sales
  • Resolve problems of poor communication within the sales cycle

The outcome is…

Sales conversations and transactions that are more successful, create higher customer satisfaction, produce more income, and replace distrust with trust.

Important Facts to Know About Tonya…

  • Believes that sales can be a noble endeavor rather than a sleazy trade.
  • Had a 13-year sales career in various industries consistently demonstrating success in consulting, coaching and sales positions while working for both Fortune 500 and start-up companies in both the U.S. and England.
  • Left corporate and served as a specialist for a U.S. Federal Government agency in presidentially-declared disasters throughout the United States to coordinate activities of State Governments and national non-profit organizations active in disasters.
  • Certified as a Career Coach at LPI in California and currently working toward accreditation with the International Coach Federation.
  • Has leadership experience allowing her to build relationships and cooperation of key personnel to define, develop, and implement solutions for organizational growth.
  • Understands the human relational issues that organizations face; specifically how to build a value proposition for internal and external customers.
  • Completed Level I Chaplaincy training at a certified Level 1 Trauma Center Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Received a Track and Field Scholarship for the Heptathlon from a prestigious University in North Carolina.

Ways to Learn More About Me: